When analytics makes it easy to be a leader


As a leader you always need to keep your ear to the ground, identify, analyze and act, to create the best conditions in your team. Sometimes you feel there is something going on, but you can’t put your finger on it and you are not sure what to do.

All of a sudden a conflict arises and you need to take action. Either you handle it yourself or you need to take in professional help. And, you need to find the root cause of the conflict.

But what if…

You as a leader can augment your intuition and get help to identify root causes to your challenges before it is too late?

A few months ago I was discussing the measurements and analysis made by Prindit with a CEO that is using the tool in his organization. The discussion quickly focused on the atmosphere. He had perceived the atmosphere as quite poor in some parts of the organization and wanted to get help analyzing the root cause.

Focusing on this specific issue we started to look at the measurements and realized that the perception was correct and during the last few months the level had gone down. It wasn’t bad, but the trend was clear, in a few months a crisis would appear.

So, this was really an issue to handle and to find the root cause. And this is where the real value comes in when you gather data continuously over time from all employees in your organization. We can find patterns and correlations from analyzing the data collected over time and through this make new valuable insights for leaders.

When doing the analysis we identified a few strong correlations with “good atmosphere”, and together with the contextual knowledge about the organization (from the CEO), we could quickly identify the main root causes of the problem.

To bring up the atmosphere back on track the leadership team needed to give clarity of what they expect from the teams and team members, but also increase support for employees in relation to the expectations put on them.


The root cause was a leadership issue and not an employee issue. This was both surprising to the CEO and relief, now he knew how to handle it and was confident about acting based on this analysis.

So, by adding clarity and support this organization could steer away from a crisis and create a good atmosphere at work in just a few weeks.

Do you know the root cause of your challenges?

Anders Wikström, PhD Innovation and Design, senior researcher RISE,
and founder of Prindit


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