Why Giving Feedback Is So Much Harder Than You Think


A while ago I went to a lecture with Simon Elvnäs, a Swedish KTH researcher in leadership behavior, who shared some really interesting findings from his study that made me question a lot of things that I thought I knew about leadership. Continue reading

How Project Managers Can Become Data-Driven Team Leaders



If you Google performance measurements, you’ll get more than 21 million hits. Hence, there is a huge amount of interest in performance measurements. As a researcher who has spent the last ten years of my life diving deep into these matters, I often get the question from people I meet – “what is the best measurement”?

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This Will Change the Way You Manage Projects


As a swede, I’m used to the long, cold and dark winters. During winter, we spend a lot of time indoors, longing for warmer weather. And every year, when you almost have forgotten how it feels when the heat of the sun warms your face, the spring finally arrives. The flowers and trees start to bloom and the streets are crowded with people again. And every year I have to stop for a while in the street just to embrace the breathtaking beauty of the Swedish spring. But then suddenly, it hits me… Continue reading

We Need to Change the Way We Measure in Organizations


The ever-increasing pace of change today places new demands on leaders to manage successful teams and organizations. The success of tomorrow does not lie in forcing individuals to work more efficient in a predetermined workflow, but to find ways for teams to work together to solve complex challenges. To be able to understand and support this transformation, we need to change the way we think and act around measurements.
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