Three Useful Tips to Excel as a Leader by Developing Your Coaching Skills


Some leaders just have it naturally. Some gain the ability through practice and experience. Others will never have it and are not even interested. I’m talking about the most important leader skill of this decade and its complexity. Continue reading

What I Learned From Listening to the Greatest Innovation Leaders in the World

IMG_4359Yesterday I flew down to Porto and the ISPIM conference to meet up with fellow researchers and industry colleagues from all over the world, to talk about our greatest passion –Innovation. All day I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the latest scientific findings and good practice within the field. Continue reading

We Need to Change the Way We Measure in Organizations


The ever-increasing pace of change today places new demands on leaders to manage successful teams and organizations. The success of tomorrow does not lie in forcing individuals to work more efficient in a predetermined workflow, but to find ways for teams to work together to solve complex challenges. To be able to understand and support this transformation, we need to change the way we think and act around measurements.
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How to Make Innovation Everybody’s Business


The ability to innovate is the most important of all factors when it comes to successful organizational performance. In a rapidly changing world, organizations must encourage all their employees to actively contribute to and participate in innovation processes to achieve maximum leverage.

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